The G.F.M.G.I (Global Commerce Company) is a Canadian holding company under BC registration and Apadana Immigrant Services works under G.C.C in British Columbia Canada.

Every year, G.F.M.G.I helps nearly 8,000 immigrants and their families settle into their new lives in Canada.

Arriving in Canada as a parent, young person, with a family or on your own can be challenging. A new language, culture and unfamiliar locations can be tough to navigate. For more than four decades, Apadana Immigrant Services has offered a variety of programs for newcomer youth, internationally trained professionals, and all those who are new to Canada.

Our wide range of services is offered in-person and online. They include:

English language programs
Settlement and employment workshops
Job search support
Connection to employers
Employment bridging programs for internationally-trained professionals
Certified Microsoft computer training
Youth programs
Self-help networks
Newcomer volunteer program
Social and recreational activities

Above all, we work to ensure newcomers to Canada develop a real sense of belonging to this country.

We offer many workshops and classes – current calendar
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